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The State of Indiana Anatomical Education Program was created in 1903 to ensure the quality of education for medical, dental, and allied health students. The program has experienced a number of improvements over the last one hundred years, and we are proud to introduce to you the Direct Donor Program.

The Direct Donor Program was created so that donors may bequeath their remains to the Indiana University School of Medicine without the time and expense required to make arrangements with a funeral home. Prior to the Direct Donor Program, families were required to make donations through a funeral home. Families found this procedure unnecessary and incurred charges for the funeral home service. Now families using the Direct Donor Program may simply call the Anatomical Education Program at 317-274-7450. We will retrieve the remains, file the death certificate, assist in placing the obituary, and notify social security. Following our use of the body for teaching, the remains will be cremated, and either inurned in Crown Hill Cemetery or, upon request, returned to the family. If your family wishes to use a local funeral home, you may. However, you will be responsible for all of their fees. The Direct Donor Program was created to make your generous gift easier and eliminate funeral home charges you might otherwise incur.

Teaching and research programs at the Indiana University Schools of Medicine and Dentistry rely on body donations to teach physicians, dentists, physical therapists, nurses and other allied health professionals. Those who decide to bequeath bodies to the health sciences make a significant contribution that benefits the quality of life and care of the living.



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