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The main purpose of the Bone Journal Club (Bone JC) is to discuss published literature related to the research interests of the club members. It also aims to share data on the issue of discussion, and to help the drafting of new grant applications. These meetings will be a platform for new faculty and fellows to get to know colleagues at Indiana University (IU) with similar interests, and to increase collaborations across laboratories. All of us will also benefit from the challenge of presenting and discussing papers and our own data with colleagues of diverse expertise in the bone field. 

Presentation Calendar


The idea is to choose a paper with potential of impacting your work by:

Fellows, students and junior faculty

You are encouraged to seek input from your mentors or collaborators regarding the best article to present.


Please send the paper that you want to discuss, in pdf format, to the Bone JC distribution list at least 24 hours before the meeting at: 

To contact the Bone Journal Club

Send an electronic message to: Dr. Teresita Bellido at
or call (317) 274-7410

Bone Journal Club members can contact the group at

(Please note that only list members can send mail to the list.)

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