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635 Barnhill Dr. MS 5055D
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Indiana University School of Medicine


System: Skyscan 1172, 100KV, with 10Megapixel camera 
Maximum object size that can be scanned: 35mm or 68mm in the offset mode
Resolution: 1µm nominal / 5µm real resolution, low contrast
Variable magnification: pixel size between 0.9-35µm
Scan time: System adjusts the source to camera distance to minimize scan time for each selected magnification (10-240 minutes, depending on resolution and pixels used)
X-ray source: sealed micro-focus X-ray tube, air-cooled, <5µm spot size @4W, 20-100kV, 0-250µA>
X-ray detector: 2000x4300 12-bit digital cooled CCD with 50mm field of view, reconstructed images- 1x1k, 2x2k, 4x4k, and up to 8x8k
Host computer: Dell Workstation with Dual Pentium processors, 4GB RAM
Reconstruction cluster: Networked cluster of computers including network software for reconstruction. Includes 4 dual-processor computers (Dual 3.4 Ghz Xeon Processors with 2GB of RAM)
Reconstruction Algorithms: Convolution with back-projection for cone-beam (Feldkamp)

Fee Schedule

$50 per hour for academic users/$200 for commercial use


To obtain access, contact Drew Brown


User Agreement

Click here for the Skyscan user agreement.

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